WP Skyscraper Plugin

WP Skyscraper is a wordpress plugin that allows you to add fixed – box on your wordpress blog.

With Skyscraper you can:

* add fixed box on your site

* change the color of text, background and border

* change the inner html of fixed box

* change the position and size of the box

If you find a bug or if you have a suggestion about new future let me know on comments section.


How to use it :

  • Download it (WP Skyscraper v0.1)
  • Extract all files from the zip archive
  • Copy the wp-followme folder to wp-content/plugins
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in wordpress
  • Add your HTML and configure the other options as desire
  • That’s all !

Demo :

This website is a good demo to see how the WP Skyscraper will look on your website.

Screenshots :

wp skyscraper plugin
WP Skyscraper -plugin


wp skyscraper plugin settings
WP Skyscraper Plugin Settings




WP Skyscraper v0.1

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