WP Sentence Plugin

WP Sentence is a wordpress plugin that allows you to add new widget to Your sidebar.  WP Sentence shows one of the 470 citations.  Every page refreshes widget show different (random) quote.

If you find a bug or if you have a suggestion about new future let me know on comments section.


How to use it :

  • Download it (WP Sentence v1.0)
  • Extract all files from the zip archive
  • Copy the wp-followme folder to wp-content/plugins
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in wordpress
  • Add WP Sentence Widget to your sidebar
  • That’s all !

Demo :

This website is a good demo to see how the WP Sentence will look on your website.

List off all quotes.

Screenshots :

WP Sentence - WodrPress Plugin
WP Sentence - WodrPress Plugin

Download old:

WP Sentence v0.1


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